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The algonquin word Nipiiy means “water”, an element which composes most of our body and which must flow freely.

Like the waves of an ocean or a river, the enchanting water and source of life can wreak havoc like fire.

The Native Essence Nipiiy, associated to that element, indicates properties that characterizes water in us. It will reduce anxiety and promote stability.

Format: 15ml refillable spray – 100ml dropper refill – 3ml sample in kit or in the 10ml Discovery Box

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Ah, water! How can we describe the joy we feel on the shores of a great lake, or the feeling of immense reverence when we look at the ocean. How can we put into words the sweetness of the rain and the bliss of a brook bubbling over with energy? The great rivers of the world inspire holiness, and its rivers, life!

We have our own internal waterways: arteries, veins, lymph system, kidneys and bladder. Water corresponds to emotions. That is why we associate the fall with water, because it is a tempestuous season of major changes, maturation, and often lots of rain. Maturity and transformation are the qualities of autumn. These qualities are at the heart of what water has to teach us.

Water adapts to all the forms it meets. Whatever the shape of the vase or glass into which you pour water, it will immediately adopt that shape. But it never ceases to be water, always remaining faithful to itself. When it evaporates it cleanses itself and rises up to form clouds, as pure as it was at the beginning of time. Then it falls again to nourish the Earth and all that lives on it. It cleanses everything, sweeping away everything in its path. Give it enough time, and it will wash away the highest mountain.

This gives us a very clear picture of how our emotions work. Our emotions adapt to every situation in life. However, despite its apparent diversity, the energy that underlies all emotions is always the same. That is why a wise person knows how to express his feelings when it’s appropriate, but will always remain faithful to himself, never allowing himself to be trapped into believing that the emotion exists in its own right.

Emotion is merely energy in perpetual transformation. If we wait a little, it will change. Take the moon, for example: it changes its appearance every day, but never ceases to be the moon.

There is an important distinction to be made here between feelings or sentiments, which are of a more permanent nature, and emotions, which are fluctuating. Love (unconditional and not passionate) is a sentiment that always remains; it is at the heart of every atom, molecule, cell, solar system and galaxy. Joy and peace are also sentiments. Pleasure, envy, enthusiasm, fear, anger, grief, sorrow, anxiety, desire, mirth, etc. are emotions. We must recognize their changing nature, and see the underlying, primordial energy that they convey, and that is always essentially joy, love and peace. Think of the waves breaking at the surface of the sea during a storm, while, in the depths of the sea, all is tranquility, peace, and silence.

The wisdom of water tells us that it is pointless trying to block the flow of our emotions; to dam the river, or try to calm the wave. They must be expressed; they must flow and spill over, because such is their nature. On the other hand, you should never lose yourself in this perpetual movement, or «get caught in the emotion,» as if it were something permanent, because that is simply not its nature. We should rather admire the many ways in which it reflects life’s diverse situations, while understanding that it is all just temporary. There is no need to panic, to over-react, or be carried away by the wave. Notice how a branch floating on water follows the movements of the waves, but stays pretty much in the same place. So, the surface of our being can move and dance on the waves of emotion, but the true nature of our being always remains the same: joy, love and peace. Being conscious of this gives us flexibility, malleability, and adaptability, but without losing our sense of who we are. We must remain real human beings: co-creators of the world with the Divine. We can learn from our emotions, but we must never be victims to them. That is a sure sign of maturity, and of someone who understands his essential nature.

The kidneys are the physiological foundation of our connection with our ancestors. The foundation of our lives is based on what generations of our ancestors built and passed on to us. The current system would have us forget the history and spiritual heritage of our ancestors in order to better control and manipulate us. By submerging the people with a stressful and tiring work load, excessive formalities, and constant control, this system distances children from their families, and they spend more time absorbing disparate information from strangers, called teachers, than with their parents. The nonsensical garbage they see on television and in electronic and media entertainment has replaced stories, folklore, songs, dances, music, traditions, community, wisdom, and knowledge of nature. That is why there are so many diseases of the kidney, bladder, and prostate, as well as a general loss of meaning in life. Having no direction in life has created a new plague affecting the younger generations: suicide. A society whose young people commit suicide is a very sick society indeed. Many families today have no land or garden to pass on to their children. Therefore, these young people have no roots and no understanding of the essential values that sustain life. There are young people today who have never seen the stars, who think that eggs come from the supermarket, and that the ultimate purpose of life is what they see on computer and television screens.

We have allowed this to happen. It’s up to us to change it. Recognizing the legacy of our ancestors is not as easy as it used to be but, on the other hand, wisdom lives on in the heart of all people. We must learn, just like water, to adapt to the world as it is, but we must build our lives on solid values; on nature and life. In nature, you will always find joy, love and peace. The most precious gift you can pass on to your children is a piece of land or a garden; a little spot of paradise that you have preserved for them. That way they can come to understand the true meaning of life: being co-creators of a paradise on earth, and the blissful contemplation of a world filled with beauty and love. They will understand that it is water, earth, fire, wind, the plants, the animals, and the clouds that nourish the Earth and that make it possible for life to exist. This will make them want to dance and sing, and build a healthy and harmonious life for their own children. They will become Real Human Beings.

That is the message of water. Water has memory, as proven by homeopathy, and by japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. Thus, what flows in our veins, as well as what flows in the rivers and streams of the earth, carries the memory of the world, and hope for future generations.

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Essential oils of rosemary, Canadian cedar, juniper, clary sage, juniper berries, black spruce, and fennel enhance this process. To these essences we have added others to harmonize the complex and increase the effectiveness and beauty of this olfactory composition: coriander, green mandarine, oak moss and basil.

Alcohol (Alcool, Alcohol), Aqua (Eau, Water), Coriandrum Sativum (Coriandre, Coriander), Foeniculum Vulgare (Fenouil, Fennel), Juniperus Communis Fruit (Baies de Genévrier, Juniper Berries), Citrus Reticulata (Mandarine, Mandarin), Evernia Prunastri (Mousse de Chêne, Oakmoss), Ocimum Basilicum (Basilic, Basil), Picea Mariana (Épinette Noire, Black Spruce), Salvia Sclarea (Sauge Sclarée, Clary Sage), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Romarin, Rosemary).

How to use this

These aromatherapy complexes influence the psyche, that is, they activate the deepest parts of the human brain. Here, powerful potential and little used capacities and abilities lie dormant.

Drinking pure, clean water; taking time to sit with the water of a lake, the sea, or a river; enjoying the rain; expressing your emotions wisely and peacefully; learning the wisdom of the elders; listening to the music of Serenity and Chants in the Native American Tradition; and spraying some NIPIIY, will help you to free yourself from the influence of negative emotions, to understand the messages of the water, and to build a healthy new world!

How do you use them? As you would any perfume! You can spray some on a tissue or handkerchief that you carry around with you. You can also spray some in the air around you, or on the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your solar plexus, forehead, or fontanel.


3ml, 15 ml, 100 ml


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