The vegetable oil from the nuts of the Siberian Pine

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Vegetable oil from the nuts of the Siberian Pine also called Siberian Cedar (Pinus Siberica).   It is enriched with 5 % resin. This oil has extraordinary virtues! It can be used as a natural vegetable oil in food (cold) or in application on the skin, as a base oil for massage.

For more information, see the article below.

Available in 100ml format.

For a longer conservation – you can put it in the fridge – Use within 2 years after opening.


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The vegetable oil from the nuts of the Siberian Pine, also known as Siberian Cedar, is renowned for its many therapeutic properties.

It is praised by Vladimir Megre in his books on the Siberian recluse Anastasia who proposes solutions to our modern problems of society and pollution.

The resin of the same tree mixed with this oil makes it a panacea for those interested in optimal health and longevity.

For a detailed description of this extraordinary oil and resin read this article.

Resin, on the other hand, carries standardized natural (or divine, if you like) information, and a person cannot influence, erase, or reprogram this information. Thanks to this property, resin indeed fulfills its basic mission: to revitalize and revive, clean, restore what was lost, and protect from harm. That is, to preserve.

Cedar nut oil is a true gift of nature; it has a rich, perfectly balanced composition. High nutritional properties and the ability to have a beneficial effect on health make cedar nut oil one of the leaders among other oils. In addition, cedar nut oil has an unrivaled taste and aroma.

Do you know the Pendant in Siberian Cedar Wood ? 

Soft and diffuse vibration of the wood element !

Also, our prestigious perfume with the chamanic encoding of the wood element, ASCHYII.


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