The Gum of the Balsam Fir tree

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Native Americans of Canada initiated the French colonists to the multiple uses of the balsam fir tree gum or sap: as a remedy against influenza, scurvy, cuts and burns. Today, balsam fir tree gum or sap is mainly to use to treat infections of the respiratory tracts and to relieve rhumatique and neuralgic pains.
Apply gum to the affected parts and to let it penetrate as a long as possible. Use vegetable oil to clean it before the gum penetrate the mucous membrane. Repeat when needed.
A drop on the tongue helps to relieve a sore throat and coughing. Take with hot water in the evening for deeper sleep and to purify the respiratory tract. Ideal for smokers and for colds and bronchitis. It’s a natural antibiotic. Can cause slight diarrhea but this is only additional purification not to worry.

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