Sweetgrass Extract

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Sweetgrass colored extract is diluted in vegetable alcohol to facilitate its use.

Sweet grass is a sacred herb often called “hair of mother earth”. Its fragrance is very pleasant, slightly sweet and is used traditionally to attract beneficial energies and favorable circumstances. Sweet grass is the most feminine of the incenses used for smudging. It grows all over North America.

Uses and Precautions : see below

Sizes : 30ml – 100ml.



Uses and precautions:

This product is an extract, it contains vegetable and natural alcohol for its dilution, since this plant produces a paste and not a liquid essential oil.

More volatile and colored, it is possible that this extract colors your apparatus with diffusion or your clothing.

You can dissolve it in a neutral base (water) and use it for creations like soaps, etc.

Pour several drops depending on the capacity of your diffuser or mix with other sweet essential oils or use our passive diffusers.

You can use this blend as often as you like to change the atmosphere of a room and bring a yin, soft and joyful energy.

Ideal before a creative project.

Discover our passive diffusers, beautiful ATA creations, by Line Gros-Louis, an artisan from Wendake. These are porous ceramic tablets or necklaces that receive the oils and diffuse them in a natural way. Ideal on a bedside table, a small room, on a desk, etc.

A new passive, local, natural and vegetal diffuser is available on our site!

A model to diffuse in your car and a discreet model like a magnetized jewel to insert on you (clothes, mask, hat…) to keep close to you the fragrances you like!

The adapted electric diffusers which are offered on the market will be another means of diffusion in your houses.

Additional information


10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml, 2 ml


10% sweetgrass extract, 90% alcohol.

How to use this

For an olfactory use only.


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