Swan Songs

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The First Nations flute and nature sounds.

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Blue Eagle plays his Indian flute with bird songs, the sound of the wind and the melodies of water and fire. In the morning the birds invite us to bless the rising sun. In the evening their songs invite us to thank the spirits for the day that is departing. The sound of the mountain stream calls for calm and relaxation. The crackling of the fire will remind us of the wonderful time spent by the warmth of the fire on a summer night. All of nature is calling us to harmonize with her, to find her lightness of being and our human reality.

Swan Songs is a CD that can be used in a more relaxed way as accompaniment to our daily activities.

This CD has no singing thus making it appropriate for the use by therapists (massage, energy work, etc.)

All instruments are acoustic (no electronic instruments) and are played by Blue Eagle (multi-track recording technology).


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