Siberian Cedar Branch Pendant

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Pendant in Siberian Cedar Wood – soft and diffuse vibration of the wood element –
Cedar is like a tree of peace, of healing, in connection with the teachings of Anastasia by Vladimir Megré.

4 models:
– Simple oval pendant
– Round pendant with bark small and XL
– Oval pendant with cotton cord

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The healing properties of Pinus Sibirica, (or “Siberian cedar” as they call it in Russia) are well-known for centuries.

“Siberian Cedar is an amazing tree! The mention of this tree is found from the time of the ancient druids. Assyrian kings used amulets from cedar to persuade lords of other kingdoms to listen to their opinion and the women of Assyria wore such amulets for the love spell of the man they liked… Pieces of this tree are able to heal, restore the destroyed biofield, the human etheric web. Cedar helps to relieve fatigue and stress. It has been noticed that people who are constantly in contact with cedar (carpenters, wood carvers) have excellent health. And there is no doubt about this because they are constantly in touch with its energy. Cedar pendant should be worn so that it is in contact with the body. If it’s color changes, then the cedar works with you together.”

Natural substances that are part of the tree structure help human organism to regain its health and functional balance. They have certain effect on the live cells and tissues, at the same time balancing the processes within the whole human organism as well as within each cell.

When you put the cedar pendant on the first time, if possible be barefoot two feet on the earth or grass and press firmly against your chest. This will initiate the connection with the information contained in the pendant.


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Pendant with cotton cord


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