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The algonquin word Patakwin means “sacred sound”- the element which represents the space in which dance the four other elements. Sacred sound is a vibration connecting all things.

This Native Essence PATAKWIN will then help with information management at all levels (cellular, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual). It is an invitation to let go and flow with all positive energies.

Format : 15ml spray rechargeable – Drop refill 100ml.

In 3ml sample kit, 15ml in the 5 elements kit and 10ml in the Discovery Set.


Sacred Sound is the vibration that connects all things in the same interstellar, intergalactic, and infinite dance, that is in constant evolution and interconnection. All things are connected with all the rest. Every plant is connected to a particular star, as are all human beings. All life is influenced by the planets and the rotation of the Earth. When the Earth is disrupted, which happens frequently these days, the animals, plants, and winds change frequency and sing differently. On a scientific level, our assertions will someday be verified – if they have not already been confirmed. For example, I remember an elder woman from the Penobscot people, a lovable woman of wisdom who, in her final years, was quite exhilarated to see that this interrelationship, that we speak of continually in all our traditions, could now be explained scientifically by modern Physics’ Super String Theory; and I am convinced that this explanation is only a beginning. Similarly, scientists will one day discover that space, that they think of as empty, is not as empty as it seems, and that it is animated by a form of measurable intelligence that contains a fluid capable of transmitting information over incredible distances faster than the speed of light. In fact, everything is information. The information available to us determines our capacity for self-fulfillment. That is why the education, almost entirely intellectual, that is offered in the educational institutions of the modern world has such a limiting effect on our potential for acquiring knowledge. I was fortunate enough to access information from other sources, and to see what this corresponded to at all levels, while I was still very young. I was thus able to go through all stages of the western educational system, from primary to university, without losing my natural ability to access spontaneous knowledge, that is an innate potential in all human beings.

The liver is the organ that represents this ability to synthetize, from many substances, what the body needs in order to function. It represents the intuitive capacity of the intellect. It represents the world without form; the void from which form emerges, or the non-void: the emptiness from which all manifestation emerges. It cleanses and reconstructs.

To enhance the liver function, it is important to carry out annual or bi-annual purification of the liver and gall-bladder. The liver, or Sacred Sound, is in harmonious resonance with our whole being. For the other levels, it is essential to practice contemplation. Contemplation is a form of meditation that involves viewing things with an attitude of openness and compassion. When someone looks at others in this way we may speak of it as empathy: full of compassion and devoid of attachment. By looking at the world in this way, innate knowledge will appear spontaneously from the deeper recesses of our being, without needing abstract conceptual constructs. Definition through concepts or intellectual knowledge is slow, laborious, and incomplete, if we compare it with information received in contemplation. Knowledge received through contemplation is wisdom; it is knowledge that is spontaneous and immediate, complete and holistic. The intellect or mental body intervenes only when this knowledge needs to be communicated to others with whom telepathic communication is not possible. «Aha!» I can hear you saying «he’s crazy!» Well, in fact, despite the fact that those words may seem to question your entire education, they nevertheless reflect reality. Telepathy has been demonstrated so many times, in numerous studies and in the everyday lives of so many beings, that to question the existence of telepathy is merely to confirm the fact that modern day education is remarkably short sighted (for example, birds practice flying together in the fall to prepare for migration; they fly in perfect formation, and all of them change direction at the same time, synchronized to the nearest millisecond! The same thing can be observed in schools of fish and in many other situations. So even animals know how to use telepathy!). People are no longer capable of thinking for themselves and reaching their own conclusions without the approval of some external authority. This deficiency causes weakness in the liver and numerous diseases afflicted upon it by the modern world. It leads to a situation where a small number of people can govern and manipulate the masses, while taking decisions that destroy Nature, on which the lives of all beings depend. This mindset creates interference between Man and the Universe; it deprives Man of access to the Sacred Sound that resonates in harmony with the Whole, and that provides all beings with the information they require at all times.

Taking time to observe nature, especially the nature that surrounds us, such as our gardens, helps us to access the information we need to live as True Human beings. Our beings do not feed only on food and water. We also need to find the cosmic food that connects us directly to the Source. The connection that we have with the Source of all intelligence and information in the universe – because there is order in this vast world – is right here, inside us, at every moment. The reflection of this informational field is in nature, the land, the skies, the stars, and the natural elements of this world. So, taking time to contemplate nature is a vital, essential, and irreplaceable activity. It is as fundamental a need as breathing and eating.

Once you have succeeded in feeling this communion with nature – and this is something you feel rather than think – you can extend this contemplative vision to all other areas of your life. This will give you greater peace, creativity, joy, and efficiency in all your activities – and a healthier liver!

A healthy liver facilitates the synthesis and integration of all information, be it physiological, intuitive or spiritual. A diseased liver amplifies anger and often gives people a loud voice and a tendency to shout. Too much anger damages the liver, while unexpressed anger can also be harmful to the liver. But it is possible to find constructive, positive, non-violent ways of expressing legitimate anger by using a little creativity.

Additional information


Essential oils of rosemary, Labrador tea, lemon, peppermint, ravensara, and white spruce greatly enhance this process. To these we have added other essences to harmonize the complex and increase the effectiveness and beauty of this olfactory composition: eucalyptus, nutmeg, ginger, myrtle and cardamom.

Alcohol (Alcool, Alcohol), Aqua (Eau, Water), Citrus Limon (Citron, Lemon), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus), Myristica Fragrans Globulus (Noix de Muscade, Nutmeg), Picea Glauca (Épinette Blanche, White Spruce), Ravensara Aromatica (Ravensare, Ravensara), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Romarin, Rosemary), Ledum Groenlandicum (Thé du Labrador, Labrador Tea), Zingiber Officinale (Gingembre, Ginger), Myrtus Communis (Myrte, Myrtle), Mentha Piperita (Menthe Poivrée, Peppermint), Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamone, Cardamom).

How to use this

These aromatherapy complexes influence the psyche, that is, they activate the deepest parts of the human brain. Here, powerful potential and little used capacities and abilities lie dormant.

A quiet moment, listening to the music of Mysteries or Swan Songs, and spraying some Patakwin, will help you to integrate the energy of contemplation, help heal your liver, and adjust your own vibration so that it resonates harmoniously with the universal field of intelligence that is the Sacred Sound.

How do you use them? As you would any perfume! You can spray some on a tissue or handkerchief that you carry around with you. You can also spray some in the air around you, or on the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your solar plexus, forehead, or fontanel.


3ml, 15 ml, 100 ml


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