Hand Drum – made in Canada

300.00CAD $350.00CAD $

Vibrate to the rhythm of the heart of the earth!

All drums are sold with a mallet. The ties are made of parachute wire, to help tighten or loosen the skin, according to the principle of djumbés . We have different creators, craftsmen whose values are the same as ours.

Single price except for the Ocean Drum on request (the green one in the picture).

They are waiting for their travel companion, choose yours !

3 drums with 12 sides, djembe stringing : 350 –

1 Red Deer Drum – 12 inches ( dark beige rope and bell – red spruce frame )

1 Goat Drum – 12 inches ( blue rope and white mallet – butternut frame )

1 Elk Drum – 12 inches ( beige rope and red mallet – cherry frame )

3 Wapiti round colored drums – cedar & nylon ties – diamond handle : 280 – 

(Will be available soon)


*Postage and customs fees may apply in addition depending on destination. For more information on how to store your drum and/or activate it, please contact us.

Ask for a zoom to hear their unique sounds! Some can be custom made for you (skin, frame, shape, color).

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The drum is the earth’s primary instrument!

This drum is alive, its heart vibrates to the pulse of the earth.

The drum is a sacred ally on the path of reconnecting with the essence of our origins.  The drum elevates the spirit of Men and helps with meditation and introspection. It facilitates communion with the subtle realms.  The drum delights the spirits of nature and brings peace and stability.


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12-sided drum, Colorful Round Drum, Ocean Drum


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