Prairie Sage – Wand

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Prairie Sage – Artemisia Ludoviciana – 100% natural

Purifies the energy of the place and keeps insects away. Prairie sage gives off a soft, light scent, leaving a more serene atmosphere. It grows in the prairies of Western Canada.


Prairie sage has been used for generations for its virtues & properties. Used in fumigation during sacred rituals, prairie sage allows the purification of living spaces, objects or people. To purify a room, light your stick of prairie sage, once a white smoke is released, pass in each corner of the room with the stick. It is important to open a window when fumigating.

To cleanse a person, direct the prairie sage smoke with your hand or a feather towards the person. It is possible to purify an object or semi-precious stone by passing it through the sage smoke. You can also use prairie sage in your rituals and meditation sessions.


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