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The algonquin word Iskutaau means (fire)-the element of transformation and energy.

The Native Essence ISKUTAAU brings benefits to the physical and the emotional.

It works by rebalancing physical energy and stabilizing the emotional. It is perfect in times when we feel poor self confidence; it can help rekindle the inner fire.

Format : 15ml spray rechargeable – Drop refill 100ml.

In 3ml sample kit, 15ml in the 5 elements kit and 10ml in the Discovery Set

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Fire is the element of transformation and energy. Inner fire is this capacity of the body to make its own heat. People who master inner fire are never cold. They can adapt to the coldest temperatures without any discomfort. Another characteristic of people who master inner fire is that they can procreate up to a very advanced age.

This is particularly true for men. Inner fire is also the energy that transforms food in the bowels so that the blood can carry nutriments to the cells. The cells transform part of this food into heat, and transform the rest for specific activities of the cell or for cellular reproduction. In Native American spirituality, fire is associated with spirit. It is alive, in the same way as the wind, the water, and the earth.

At the beginning of all First Nations’ major gatherings a sacred fire is lit, which is kept alight night and day until the end of the gathering. The fire is considered and treated a bit like an honored guest. It is the connection between this world and the world of the Great Spirit or «Ungawi,» the world of ideal form.

We can use fire to help manage our energy. For example, if our metabolism is slow and our humor gloomy, or if we are too irritated and agitated, we could say that our Fire is making too much smoke, or is burning too fast. There is a risk of losing energy if we are too depressed or too enthusiastic. Therefore, it is important to learn to control our heart and our inner fire. As an example, let’s look at the fire of pleasure. Too much intense pleasure can be exhausting.

If there is not enough joy in your life, your heart and your digestion will lack energy. Your digestion could slow down and even everyday life may feel tiring. The heart suffers whenever there is too much or too little energy. In the long term, the heart may develop life-threatening pathologies if the energy is not balanced.

The best way to tame our inner fire is to remain vigilant and observe how our energy fluctuates. What irritates or saddens us, when do we feel heat or cold? Then, try to stimulate or calm your inner fire as needed. This can be done by simple visualizing the desired effect, or by practicing various other techniques.

Generally, in modern societies, the vast majority of people need to stimulate their inner fire . Various techniques can be used to do this. The simplest consists of exposing yourself to the cold twice a day. For example, turning off the hot water and turning up the cold water at the end of your shower is excellent. You can also remain naked for a few moments in a cold environment. When doing this, it is very important to inhale and exhale through the nose (not through the mouth). Breathe vigorosly and do not block your breathing.

The purpose of this is to stimulate the body via the skin so that it «ignites», so to speak, or, in other words, so that it starts to produce heat. You shouldn’t do this for too long; just a few minutes will be enough to start with. If you feel cold afterwards, that means you have stayed in the cold too long.

If you feel warm, it means you have ignited the fire. With practice you will notice that you no longer feel the cold as much, and your energy will be more constant. One of the great advantages of this practice is that seasonal colds and flu will be a thing of the past.

It can be helpful to gaze at a flame, such as a candle or fire, and try to feel the internal correspondence: your inner fire. Notice how a candle transforms the atmosphere, making it warmer, more poetic, more comfortable, and more comforting. Become aware that the fire of transformation and of energy ultimately exists in every cell and in your heart, and it is possible to bond with this energy.

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Essential oils of rose, goldenrod, red pine, thyme, mandarin, clove, and ginger enhance this process. To these essences we have added others to harmonize the complex and increase the effectiveness and beauty of this olfactory composition: juniper, helichrysum, cistus, vanilla, cyprus, cinnamon and birch.

Alcohol (Alcool, Alcohol), Aqua (Eau, Water), Juniperus Virginiana (Genévrier, Juniper), Citrus Reticulata (Mandarine, Mandarin), Solidago Canadensis (Verge d’Or, Golden Rod), Rosa Damascena (Rose, Rose), Pinus Resinosa (Pin Rouge, Red Pine), Eugenia Caryophyllata (clous de girofle, Cloves), Zingiber Officinale (Gingembre, Ginger), Helichrysum Italicum (Hélichryse, Chamomille), Cistus Ladaniferus (Ciste, Rockrose Ciste), Vanilla Planifolia (Vanille, Vanilla), Cyperus Scariosus (Cypriol Nagarmota, Cypriol), Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cannelle, Cinnamon), Thymus Zygis (Thym, Thyme), Betula Alba (Bouleau, Birch).

How to use this

These aromatherapy complexes influence the psyche, that is, they activate the deepest parts of the human brain. Here, powerful potential and little used capacities and abilities lie dormant.

To calm the fire, it is necessary to master the breath. Learning to breathe is an art, and is too vast a subject to be covered in this essay. However, in order to calm the fire, all you have to do is observe your breathing for a few moments. Once you are conscious of your rate of breathing, try to relax into the breath so that it can find its natural rhythm. Then introduce a brief pause between exhale and inhale, and between inhale and exhale. During this suspension of the breath, feel peace and bliss, calm and ecstasy, in your heart. Continue this four step breathing exercise for a few minutes, until your heart and breath become calm and serene.

The emotions that are indicative of a troubled or diseased heart (physically or emotionally) are hatred and cruelty. Using Iskutaau will help alleviate these emotions. The positive emotions that are strengthened by Iskutaau and that are experienced when the heart is healthy are faith, love, honor and respect.

Dancing, making music, practicing a sport or martial arts, or doing a job you like, while remaining aware of your breath, or listening to the music of Earth Drums and Spirit Songs, as well as spraying a little Iskutaau, will help you to balance your fire energy.

How do you use them? As you would any perfume! You can spray some on a tissue or handkerchief that you carry around with you. You can also spray some in the air around you, or on the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your solar plexus, forehead, or fontanel.


3ml, 15 ml, 100 ml


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