Organic Ceylon Lemongrass

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Organic essential oil, 100% pure and natural

Organic Ceylon Lemongrass – Inspiring and Mosquito repellent for the summer !

Fresh and sparkling scent !

Botanical name: Cymbopogon nardus

Origin: India

Olfactory: lemon smell, slightly pungent and sweet

Formats: 30 ml – 100 ml

Uses and important precautions: information below




Family: Poaceae

Main constituents: Citrals and geraniol

Part: Stem and leaves

Extraction: complete steam distillation


Ceylon lemon grass is an herb originally from Indonesia. Its long leaves can measure up to 2m. Its composition is quite different from Java lemongrass, and it should not be confused with other plants such as lemon verbena, lemon balm, etc.

Considered as the queen of lemongrass, you’ve known this essential oil to be in all natural insect repellents, mosquitoes, flies, moths and even cockroaches.

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it will be as good to keep away the little pests as to relieve your skin as an after-mosquito.

Perfectly adapted to purify the air, it is also deodorizing, as long as its strong lemony odor is pleasant for you.

It can also be used as a massage or deodorant, always diluted in mild vegetable oil.

Some possible uses:

From age 7, dilute 1 drop of citronella in 5 drops of vegetable oil.

Put 10 drops in 2 teaspoons of Aloes Vera (mix with geranium and lavender spike EO)

A few drops in a neutral oil to massage the lower part of a painful back, in case of tiredness of the muscles and pains of rheumatism (the citronella of Java will be more advised in this case for this specificity).

As a spray with distilled water, it will help to normalize excess sebum and acne.

5 drops in air diffusion, to be renewed more often and preferably at the end of the day and at night when mosquitoes are more active.

Precautions for use:
Ceylon lemongrass is not for oral use. It is recommended to wait until after the baby is 30 months old to use in diffusion. In diffusion, to be avoided for people with epilepsy and asthma.

For all essential oils:

Essential Oils must be used with great caution and are generally not recommended for hypersensitive people, epileptics, asthmatics, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 6 and animals.

—Essential oils are used in small quantities, with caution and generally over short periods of time.

—For diffusions: The diffusers are often using water. Be moderate in the use of essential oils and favor short diffusion times.

Never heat the essential oil you are using, otherwise its molecular structure may be altered.

—In application on the skin: 24 hours before the first use practice a skin test in the fold of the elbow to check a possible allergy.

Oils are not miscible in water—always use an oily base for topical application, especially if you have sensitive skin. For example, in vegetable oil applied to the skin (avoid mucous membranes, which are more sensitive), in shower gel or shampoo, in honey for herbal teas, in plant oils for day creams, etc. Many essential oils are more effective diluted than pure.

—Keep out of reach of children and animals, ideally in a dark, cool and dry place.

—Wash your hands before and after using essential oil.

—In case of ingestion of a small dose ingest vegetable oils (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil) and consult if necessary. For a large dose: seek advice from an emergency doctor or a poison control center.

—Essential oils are sometimes used in cooking, check their conditions of application with people specialized in the field.

—Some essential oils are photosensitive and when applied to the skin one needs to avoid exposure to the sun.

—If there is a contact with the eyes, add immediately some soft vegetable oil (not water) to clean the eye and consult. If the contact is inside the ear canal, consult.

—Although some essential oils have a very long shelf life it’s generally recommended to use an essential oil within a one-year period. This is different for citrus oils as they can go rancid in a shorter period of time. Buy smaller amounts citrus oils and renew them frequently.

Additional information:

For quantities above 500 ml, please contact us by email at:

The use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes is a good alternative when well informed but does not replace diagnosis and medical treatment. It is recommended to seek the advice, diagnosis and recommended treatment of a competent health professional before use, especially for sensitive individuals, pregnant women, children and animals.

The data on this site is representative of common empirical data for use in daily life. The references on our essential oils have been selected with care as to offer simple actionable information through examination of the most recognized information available. More information is available upon request.

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