Canadian Hemlock

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100% pure and natural essential oil

Canadian Hemlock – Unifying and purifying, Boreal Forest scent!

Botanical name: Tsuga canadensis

Origin: Canada

Olfactory: coniferous smell

Formats: 30 ml – 100 ml

Uses and important precautions: see below



Family: Pinaceae

Main constituents: l-bornyl acetate, α-pinene

Part: needles and twigs

Extraction: complete steam distillation

Also called tsuga, Canadian hemlock, it is very similar to cedar.

It reminds us of the wide open spaces of the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Used extensively in the Chiiyaam fragrance, it helps to bring harmony, relaxation, protection and balance as well as for its connection and memories with the native peoples of North America. Traditionally, it was used for steam baths, but also to fight fever and colds.


This oil has virtues as a respiratory decongestant and expectorant.

It is a good nervous balancer and brings calm and serenity. It will know how to accompany you in your activities of wellbeing, but also to relax the atmosphere in a room.

It can be used in the bath, its anti-inflammatory side will also allow you to use it as a cold compress or with vegetable oil in massage in case of anxiety or depression, but also joint and muscle pain.

It will be advised in diffusion to cleanse and alleviate the ambient air, or else, in inhalation and in olfaction (on a handkerchief or a pillow).

Mix 1 drop in 2 drops of vegetable oil.

15 drops in 15ml of soap then in the bath.

In air diffusion, a few drops.

Discover our passive diffusers, magnificent ATA creations by Line Gros-Louis, an artisan from Wendake . They are porous ceramic lozenges or necklaces that welcome the oils and diffuse them in a natural way. Ideal on a bedside table, a small room, on a desk, etc…

The adapted electric diffusers that are available on the market will be another means of diffusion in your homes.

A new local, plant-based diffuser for your car and a specific diffuser for your health are available !


The essential oil of hemlock should not be used before the 6th month of pregnancy, in period of breast feeding nor for the children of less than 6 years. It does not present any special warning  in diffusion.

For all essential oils:

Essential Oils must be used with great caution and are generally not recommended for hypersensitive people, epileptics, asthmatics, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 6 and animals.

—Essential oils are used in small quantities, with caution and generally over short periods of time.

—For diffusions: The diffusers are often using water. Be moderate in the use of essential oils and favor short diffusion times.

Never heat the essential oil you are using, otherwise its molecular structure may be altered.

—In application on the skin: 24 hours before the first use practice a skin test in the fold of the elbow to check a possible allergy.

Oils are not miscible in water—always use an oily base for topical application, especially if you have sensitive skin. For example, in vegetable oil applied to the skin (avoid mucous membranes, which are more sensitive), in shower gel or shampoo, in honey for herbal teas, in plant oils for day creams, etc. Many essential oils are more effective diluted than pure.

—Keep out of reach of children and animals, ideally in a dark, cool and dry place.

—Wash your hands before and after using essential oil.

—In case of ingestion of a small dose ingest vegetable oils (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil) and consult if necessary. For a large dose: seek advice from an emergency doctor or a poison control center.

—Essential oils are sometimes used in cooking, check their conditions of application with people specialized in the field.

—Some essential oils are photosensitive and when applied to the skin one needs to avoid exposure to the sun.

—If there is a contact with the eyes, add immediately some soft vegetable oil (not water) to clean the eye and consult. If the contact is inside the ear canal, consult.

—Although some essential oils have a very long shelf life it’s generally recommended to use an essential oil within a one-year period. This is different for citrus oils as they can go rancid in a shorter period of time. Buy smaller amounts citrus oils and renew them frequently.

Additional information:

For quantities above 500 ml, please contact us by email at:

The use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes is a good alternative when well informed but does not replace diagnosis and medical treatment. It is recommended to seek the advice, diagnosis and recommended treatment of a competent health professional before use, especially for sensitive individuals, pregnant women, children and animals.

The data on this site is representative of common empirical data for use in daily life. The references on our essential oils have been selected with care as to offer simple actionable information through examination of the most recognized information available. More information is available upon request.


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