Black Spruce, organic

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Black Spruce –  100% pure, natural and organic essential oil

Botanical Name: Picea mariana   Part: twigs

Extraction: complete distillation by steam distillation

Origin: Canada  Olfactory: slightly sweet coniferous odour

Formats : 30ml – 100ml.

Use & Precaution of Use: see below



The Black Spruce, is the most common conifer in the boreal forest and can reach up to 65 feet. Black Spruce is often used in the pulp and paper industry because of its soft fiber.

Its essential oil is attributed with invigorating and revitalizing properties. It strengthens the immune system.

It increases the body’s overall energy and supports during periods of fatigue or stress.

Decongestant, it clears the respiratory tract.

Of an antiseptic nature, it purifies the ambient air.

Harmonizing and invigorating, it will be an essential support for a hesitant person, psychically or mentally exhausted, or in lack of self-confidence.


Its warming action will also be appreciated in pectoral massage. Dilution 1 drop of black spruce for 10 drops of vegetable oil.

You can dissolve a few drops in a neutral massage oil or vegetable oil and massage the desired area.

Diffuse in hot water for inhalation in the absence of fever. 5 drops in a bowl of steaming water, during 1 to 10 minutes, inhale deeply the hot vapors while sitting, head covered with a towel. Keep eyes closed. Do not go outside for 30 minutes after inhalation.

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The adapted electric diffusers that are available on the market will be another means of diffusion in your homes.

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Precaution of Use:

The black spruce essential oil is not recommended for people with asthma or bronchospasm. People with kidney problems should also be cautious. Prolonged use is not recommended.

Keep out of reach of children, ideally in a dark, cool and dry place.

Additional information:

Pour 2 to 3 drops of the EO in question in the crease of the elbow, wait 10 to 15 minutes to see if an allergic skin reaction, redness, itching comes to indicate that this oil is not to be used for this person.

The use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes is an alternative and does not replace a diagnosis or medical treatment. It is recommended to seek medical advice before use, especially in sensitive individuals, pregnant women and children.

Wash hands before and after using essential oils.

Never heat the essential oil you use, otherwise its molecular structure may be altered.

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