Native Essences

Native Essences

The Chiiyaam Native Essence— Cleansing— Calming— Relaxing

This 100% natural perfume will activate harmony, relaxation, concentration and healing. Your perceptions are clearer and your breath is easier. The first of our perfumes to be created, originally called Liquid Smudge (ceremonial smoke used for purification without the smoke).
Chiiyaam purifies the air and pervading energy. It can be used everywhere and anytime: in the home, at work, in the car, before sleeping, on holiday, in the treatment room, to prepare meaningful activities or to purify after difficult moments.
Chiiyaam can transform a mood or the atmosphere of a given situation. It chases away negativity and air pollution.

MIWAHu Energizing Native Essence

Miwahu is totally pure and like all our perfumes more than 88% of its content is organic. It’s a beautiful perfume that was created to attract beneficial energies and favourable circumstances.
It evokes the infinite depths from where springs the impulse that shapes our creativity and our joy. The characteristic smell of sweet grass, red mandarin and other sweet essences, favours positive feelings and acts as a sparkling balm of health! Feel confidence and vitality!

Gamme SPA

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