About the Blue Eagle Shop

About the Blue Eagle Shop

Activities led the creator to write books on these subjects and producing indigenous music therapy CDs. In an effort to offer a smoke-free alternative to ritual purification (smudging) by combining traditional herbal knowledge to high French perfumery techniques, he developed an expertise in natural perfumery and created several therapeutic perfumes.

Indigenous crafting of herbs for smudging and incense are selected for their authenticity, the care taken to their preparation and their renewable sourcing.

We offer rigorously selected products to meet the needs for people seeking natural alternatives for health. They only offer 100% natural and effective health products.

Founded in 1999 our company is located close to Quebec City, QC, Canada.

We encourage local Native American craftsmanship and more than 50% of our work force is native. We have chosen not to invest in automation of routine tasks and rather privilege job creation for young people and/or for people with handicaps.