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Our store is open !
We welcome you Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.
You can also request a special time for your visit by calling  +1 418 843 8777 or +1-877-513-3941
We have a 10% off regular price special promotion in the store.

Blue Eagle Shop it is a unique selection of natural products created largely in Quebec  and based on Native American ancestral principles and tradition.

From handicraft to literature, from music therapy to high quality natural perfumes, herbs, traditional incense (smudge) and essential oils, our purpose is offering tools for everyone’s health and abundance.
Enter Blue Eagle’s universe and the beneficial products that Mother Earth offers us!




Blue Eagle’s rich, expressive singing is like a gentle, loving voice singing a lullaby; it is also a strong voice bringing the past into the present evoking the power and spirit of ancient voices directly into the soul! When I sing these chants, I am fully empowered and strengthened. And my soul rests.
Susan DeschenesFlorida, USA

Canada: Free delivery on online orders over $200*
$5.50 on online orders between $150* and $199*
$15.50 on online orders of $149* and less

International and USA: FREE SHIPPING from USD $199/€/$cad *.

*Before taxes, depending on currency and/or cannot be combined with a discount.

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ChiiyaamAh, l’eau! Comment décrire le bonheur d’être au bord d’un grand lac, l’immense révérence qui nous saisit en voyant la mer, comment dire la douceur de la pluie et la joie d’un ruisseau bondissant d’énergie? Le fleuve qui coule inspire la sainteté et la rivière, la vie.

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