5 elements

The 5 elements


Freely breathing in inspiration and renewal—eases sadness, grief and sorrow while promoting courage and resilience.
Its virtues: facilitates breathing and opens the sinus complex. Reduces air pollution, relieves allergies and asthma.
Added benefits: use Yuutin before giving a speech, important talk or oral exam. Wind favours communication and expression. 

Sacred Sound—PATAKWIN

Reflection—unity—understanding who we are
Its virtues: The sacred sound element (the space in which the other elements dance) improves synthesis and the integration of information. It helps your being integrate a holistic understanding of life and supports the action of the liver.
Added benefits: calms anger and impatience!


Will Power is strengthened—Helping us flow and accept change in our lives.
Its virtues: helps us confront and dissipate our fears and phobias. Opens us to feeling the circulation of water in our body.
Added benefits: as the salmon goes back to the source, may you reconnect with your ancestors and ancient memories!


Internal Light—love and compassion—self-confidence—opens our innate relational abilities while reducing all impacts due to hate and cruelty.
Its virtues: in connection with the heart and blood circulation, it revitalizes or moderates our internal fire.
Added benefits: ideal to revive the fires of passion!


Empathy and consideration—understanding that all is alive, breathing conscious universe.
Its virtues: Exit fears and anxiety, the earth brings you its support and helps you find your natural rhythm, breathing in and out, day and night, and the seasonal cycles. It helps relax the stomach often subjected to constant stress and releases energy for better digestion.
Added benefits: ideal for anchoring, grounding, for jet lag or when moving or on the move.

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